The American Podiatric Medical Association, the leading professional society for foot and ankle specialists, presents The Foot Health Foundation of America, a separately incorporated tax-exempt organization promoting educational initiatives which "Keep America Walking"

The Foundation:

Provides information to the general public on foot and ankle care
Promotes early detection and intervention of foot-related diseases
Fosters good foot health over a lifetime
Issues medical care guidelines on foot and ankle health
Informs referring physicians and managed care organizations about foot and ankle health issues
Promotes excellence in the professional education of foot and ankle specialists
And supports educational opportunities for future podiatrists

Diseases, disorders, and disabilities of the foot or ankle affect the quality of life and mobility of millions of Americans. Information and education continues to be disseminated to family physicians and managed care organizations on the important relationship between foot health and overall well-being. Foot ailments can be a first sign of more serious medical problems. Such conditions as arthritis, diabetes, nerve and circulatory disorders can show their initial symptoms in the feet.

The Foot Health Foundation is a registered non-profit organization established to increase nationwide awareness and understanding of the importance of foot and ankle health.